Ulf Stolterfoht : Lingos VI (translation by Rosemarie Waldrop)

Fachsprachen = lingos, but there’s no jargon here: the fach is the poet’s own discipline, the toll is language, and Stolterfoht bends it, twists it and shapes it anew, piling words on top of each other in a veritable torrent of phonemes, the sounds hammering home.

— Tony Frazier

Ulf Stolterfoht is clearly at the edge of the edge of innovative poetry in Germany today, and Lingos VI is the poet’s first book translated into English. Stolterfoht’s witty precision and philosophical punch are what linger in the mind’s inner ear while his terse and demanding lyrics reconfigure the limits of our language – the limits of our world.

The text was typeset in Quadraat and printed in offset in two colors on Mohawk Ultrawhite Eggshell. The Fabriano wrappers were printed on a flatbed cylinder proof press from photopolymer plates produced by Boxcar Press. (2007)

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