Sommer Browning : The Circle Book


Sommer Browning sees things we don’t see, even if they’re right in front of us. That’s what distinguishes the great thinkers of our time! They look at the stars and they ask, “How is that I can see?” They look at the color of a flower and say, “How is that this is red?” Sommer Browning looks at a circle and sees a urethra. She sees a “view of my head from a second story walk-up.” She sees the abyss. And a pizza. Her humor is so unpretentious, so unique—yet outrageously minimalistic, that it achieves a kind of scientific greatness.

The Circle Book shows how even the most basic shape—a circle—can be transcended by the power of language. What’s happening when we look at a circle and see the body of Christ? Something hilariously mystical.

 — Bianca Stone

Paperback. 208 pages.

ISBN: 978-0986004049

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