Nick Piombino : The Boundary of Theory

The Boundary of Theory┬áconsists of two parts. The first is an essay Piombino presented in Charles Bernstein’s “Blank Seminar” on September 28, 2000. After class, Piombino joined Christian Bok, Darren Wershler-Henry, Thom Donovan, Bernstein and me for dinner at Scotch n’ Sirloin. A few days later, he generously agreed to continue the converstation by way of an e-interview which is published here under the title “The Boundaries of Memory.”

The cover was handset in 36 pt. Century Schoolbook and printed letterpress. Fifty copies were privately distributed for free by the press and the remaining copies were delivered to the poet in spring 2001.

Edition of 100 copies. (2001)

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