Kyle Schlesinger : Moonlighting

If Moonlighting posits a metapolitics of sense, it is also a daybook of felt enjoyments, relations, percepts, thoughts, facts, emotions and other actualities engendered in linguistic grappling. These actualities are conveyed through a propositional syntax at the level of the sentence – telegraphic periods and caesuric dashes.

— Thom Donovan


Moonlighting moonlights as an artist’s book and prose poem. Text blocks rest against neo-fauvist pallet of pixilated puns written in a jeep en route to Vermont. The images were culled from the sky in Germany. Moonlighting was wrapped in a violet Fabriano dustjacket, typeset in Palatino and produced at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanian in Berlin.

Edition of 100 copies.

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