Kyle Schlesinger : A Book of Closings

Where Schlesinger’s unerring instincts are most evident, we encounter cards that repeat themselves, with variation, to draw us into the specifics of pronouns or punctuation the way that great poems do, so that with slight shifts, our attentions and the possibilities for reading into the lines are energized.

— Sarah Campbell

A Book of Closings is a chronological arrangement of “closings” extracted from Irving Layton & Robert Creeley: The Complete Correspondence, 1953-1978, edited by Ekbert Faas and Sabrina Reed. The text was set by hand and printed letterpress at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanian in Berlin, Germany. The cover and title page appear in Lux and the text is set in Schmal halbfette.

Produced in an edition of 40. (2004)

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