Gil Ott : The Amputated Toe

The Amputated Toe was produced in memory of the friend, poet and publisher Gil Ott. This “fable,” as Gil characterized it, is part of Pact, a “unique collection of either poetic prose or prose poetics” described as “a gold mine of tactile ruminations, devoling narratve, acute perceptions, and splintering syntax.” Ott asks, “Whose voice is all inaudible resonance, rattling the bottles on the shelves and pressing on the scalp? Shadow without substance, angles without planes. Whose speech even as it is spoken is a memory?”

The images were drawn by Christopher Webster. The text and images were printed on a Vandercook 4 from photopolymer plates produced by Harold Kyle at the Boxcar Press. The text was set in Scotch, and the display font is Dyrynk Roman from P22. Bound in purple cloth-covered board with Japanese side stitch binding.

Edition of 50 copies. (2005)

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