Gregg Biglieri : Reading Keats to Sleep

This is a poem that is wonderful to read – especially aloud – over and over. I keep finding new things in it, line by line, phrase by phrase, sentence by sentence. For a book that is, in fact printed on a single sheet of paper and just 21 stanzas long, this is a remarkably rich and intense project.

— Ron Silliman

Reading Keats to Sleep is a single poem printed letterpress in 18 pt. Albion. The hardcover, accordion-style book was painted, colored and secured with marbled endpapers at the press. It measures 10.5 x 13 cm. closed and unfolds to 145 x 13 cm.

Produced in an edition of 40 copies. (2003)

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Derek Beaulieu : With Wax

With Wax is a selection from the author’s book of the same title published by Coach House in 2003. Typeset in Petpetua, the oversized softcover edition was printed letterpress and bound by hand in Fabriano coverstock.

The hardcover edition is lettered and signed by the author, and printed on 100% cotton sheets with ink “slung” by the printer and poet. The pages are secured by an open binding with a suede label pasted to the black cloth-covered cover.

Paperback edition: 100.
Hardcover edition: 26. (2002)

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Patrick Durgin : Color Music

Color Music is a multiple, subtle text and an unambiguously beautiful book, vivdly white and red. “abandoned on all sides/by the snow”

— Laura Moriarty

The text was handset in 12pt. Palatino and printed in five colors on handmade Zerkall German Ingress. The silk-screened images were designed and assembled by Eric Troolin.

Produced in an edition of 100. (2002)

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Nick Piombino : The Boundary of Theory

The Boundary of Theory consists of two parts. The first is an essay Piombino presented in Charles Bernstein’s “Blank Seminar” on September 28, 2000. After class, Piombino joined Christian Bok, Darren Wershler-Henry, Thom Donovan, Bernstein and me for dinner at Scotch n’ Sirloin. A few days later, he generously agreed to continue the converstation by way of an e-interview which is published here under the title “The Boundaries of Memory.”

The cover was handset in 36 pt. Century Schoolbook and printed letterpress. Fifty copies were privately distributed for free by the press and the remaining copies were delivered to the poet in spring 2001.

Edition of 100 copies. (2001)

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