Ted Greenwald : Con Dot

Ted Greenwald’s book of poems, Con Dot, was printed and designed by Kyle Schlesinger at the Cuneiform Press between 2013 & 2014. The book was typeset in Dax, designed by the experimental composer and typographer Hans Reichel, and printed on a Vandercook 4 letterpress. Each copy in the edition contains four variegated images. The paper is Crane’s Lettta. CJ Martin performed the binding in Colorado Springs. There are 26 copies, each lettered and signed by the author.

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Dale Smith : Slow Poetry in America

In Slow Poetry in America, Dale Smith pursues an attitude and a world-view in which the self is experienced as a series of screens. Personal memory vanishes into temporal experiences of culture, and narrative coheres in a language that attempts to track time, the apprehension of what it means to be alive now. (2014)

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Johanna Drucker : What Is?: Nine Epistemological Essays

“For decades, Johanna Drucker’s work—as a theorist, printer, art historian, poet, literary critic, and designer—has been set apart by her mastery in each of those fields. With the broadened perspective of recent research into digital media and complexity theory, and with a full awareness of the historical dimensions of our current understanding of ‘materiality,’ the series of nine conceptually linked essays in What Is? again leverages Drucker’s positions across disciplines to show us how little we know about the most familiar concepts: from letters and words to documents and books and their digital futures—and why knowing more really matters.’

— Craig Dworkin

“In these meticulous interrogations, Johanna Drucker takes us on journeys of relentless, informed, and thorough thought regarding the nature of the mind made visible—what us graphic designers would identify with as typography or graphesis. Reading these essays through the eyes of graphic design, each one resonates with expanded understandings—for one, of typography as transformative ‘imaginative energy’ and not just thought’s mirror. I hope every MFA graphic design student will read these essays and be inspired to understand the significance of their discipline, but more importantly be inspired towards the imaginative possibilities in their work to which Drucker pays such devoted tribute.”

— Louise Sandhaus

“In What Is?, Drucker traces the invisible thread that links letters to writing to books to the digital age. In so doing, she makes sense of emerging technology and the way it has insinuated itself into the culture of book making, writing, and reading. Drucker’s grand arguments are based on modest means. In this case she is starting with the humble letter. But, by probing the philosophy of language as well as the rhetoric of art, she builds toward a broader picture. In the end, her investigation concludes with nothing less than a new understanding of digital materialism.”

— Elizabeth Guffey

Hardcover. 140 pages. Two-color printing throughout.

ISBN-13: 978-0986004025

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Mimeo Mimeo #8 : Curator’s Choice

Mimeo Mimeo #8: Curators’ Choice features 16 bibliophiles on 6 highlights from their personal or institutional collections. Contributors include Steve Clay, Wendy Burk, Tony White, Brian Cassidy, Thurston Moore, J.A. Lee, Michelle Strizever, Adam Davis, Michael Basinski, Joseph Newland, Alastair Johnston, Tate Shaw, Michael Kasper, Steve Woodall, Molly Schwartzberg, Nancy Kuhl, James Maynard, and the Utah posse (Becky Thomas, Marnie Powers-Torrey, Craig Dworkin, Emily Tipps, Luise Poulton, & David Wolske) (2013)

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Bill Berkson : The Far Flowered Shore

The Far Flowered Shore (Japan 2006/ Japan 2010) are travel books but not diaries, and would certainly not be of any use to anyone looking to find one’s way around Japanese cities.

Both notebooks are made by Quaderno–soft, pliable, light-weight school exercise books with blank, unlined pages, made in Italy but available elsewhere (even, it turned out, in a Kyoto department store). I filled them as usual, on impulse, scribbling down and pasting in whatever seemed worth noting, and as you see, not always about Japan. A lot of the scrawls are due to trying to write while walking.The notes cover two trips to Japan that Connie Lewallen and I made in April 2006 and again in 2010: the first to Kyoto and Tokyo, with a day trip from Kyoto to Nara; and the second to Kyoto, the “museum island” of Naoshima and Osaka.

“Have good trip to the far flowered shore,” wrote Joanne Kyger on the eve of our second time out.

— Bill Berkson

The Far Flowered Shore notebooks were reproduced as full-color, hardcover, facsimiles by Cuneiform Press in 2013. The 2006 and 2010 notebooks are accompanied by a third volume containing a transcript of the text typeset in Bulmer. Housed in a slipcase produced by Craig Jenson at BookLab II, one hundred copies were produced, of which fifty are for sale exclusively from Cuneiform Press. (2013)

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Bill Berkson : Terrace Fence

While living in Bolinas, poet and critic Bill Berkson produced Terrace Fence, a minimal, conceptual, yet intimate book of black and white photographs in an edition of ten or fewer. This seminal piece of conceptual photography doubling as a small-town protest gesture was reproduced in the summer of 2012 in an edition of 100. The text was printed letterpress and the photographs were reproduced from the original paste up and tipped in by hand. Each copy has been signed by the author. (2012)

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Zephyrus Image : Spirit Photography

Spirit Photography: A Fireside Book of Gurus (1973) by Michael Myers and Holbrook Teter is arguably the greatest book produced by Zephyrus Image. Spirit Photography is essential reading for anyone interested in photography, conceptual art, artists’ books, and the unique cultural climate of the Bay Area in the ’70s. This facsimile was printed letterpress and is faithful to the original in every way, right down to the errata slip. (2012)

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Mimeo Mimeo #7 : The Lewis Warsh Issue

Mimeo Mimeo #7: The Lewis Warsh Issue is the first magazine ever devoted in its entirety to poet, novelist, publisher, teacher, and collage artist Lewis Warsh. Warsh was born in 1944 in the Bronx, co-founded Angel Hair Magazine and Books with Anne Waldman in 1966, and went on to co-found United Artists Magazine and Books with Bernadette Mayer in 1977. He is the author of over thirty books of poetry, fiction and autobiography, the Director of the MFA program in Creative Writing at Long Island University in Brooklyn, and as you’ll soon discover, so much more. Includes an introduction by Daniel Kane, an interview conducted by Steve Clay, 10 new stories, 5 new poems, dozens of photographs and collages, and an anecdotal bibliography. (2012)

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Larry Fagin : Complete Fragments

Complete Fragments is Larry Fagin’s first trade edition book of poems since I’ll Be Seeing You (1978).

Limited edition hardcover signed by the author and Glen Baxter. 112 pages.

Cover art by Glen Baxter.


ISBN: 978-0986004001

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Mimeo Mimeo #6 : The Poetry Issue

Mimeo Mimeo #6: The Poetry Issue is devoted to new work by eight poets who have consistently composed quality writing that has influenced and inspired generations since the golden era of the mimeo revolution. Contributors include Bill Berkson, John Godfrey, Ted Greenwald, Joanne Kyger, Kit Robinson, Rosmarie Waldrop, Lewis Warsh, and Geoffrey Young. Cover art by George Schneeman. The few copies that remain can be purchased via SPD. (2012)

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