Here are a few snapshots of a new work-in-process, VAST ACID WEST, a collaboration with Crane Giamo. A mixed-media suite of prints, Vast Acid West revisits some of the countercultural themes of the acid western film genre that came of age during the Vietnam War era. Bucking against US imperialism, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and genocide, the acid western stood in stark opposition to the John Wayne-era of the Hollywood Western. The west is not a place of promise, but where greedy men go to die. Printed on 20×26 inch 220 lb. Cranes’ Lettra, we combined handmade dye harvested from plants and minerals in Utah with native plants from Texas, hot printing techniques pioneered by Heinrich Werkman, photopolymer plates featuring Chris Giamo’s photographs, lasercuts, collage, and painting. It was an incredible week of exploration and collaboration, and we’re looking forward to getting back to work in August.