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A People’s Curriculum for the United States is a public poster project written, printed, and distributed by the people and for the people. A People’s Curriculum for the United States asks what America needs to (re)learn under the Trump Administration. What’s missing from the American Curriculum under this regime? Peace? Civil Rights? Close Listening? Kindness? If you could teach America something, right now, in just a word or two, what would it be?

Printed letterpress from wood type in two colors on heavy-duty poster board. Background colors will vary. 18 x 22 inches. Shipped flat from Austin, Texas. Please contact us for special prices on orders of twelve or more. If you would like a particular poster, please specify. Posters are handmade in small editions, so supplies are limited. Order here.

Interested in bringing A People’s Curriculum for the United States Letterpress Workshop to your community? Send us a query for details.