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Bill Berkson (August 30, 1939 – June 16, 2016) reading on May 7, 2016 at Nate Ethier’s Speak About the Ocean solo exhibition in New York City.



Ted Greenwald (December 19, 1942 – June 17, 2016) and me in Ted’s apartment on May 7th, 2016.


Bill Berkson and Ted Greenwald were best of friends, and their deaths within twenty-four hours of one another is a shocker. I saw them both for the last time on the same day in New York City just a month ago. Bill and Ted were early and ongoing supporters of Cuneiform Press, and two of my best friends. I’m too shattered to write anything about either of them right now, but will try to say something proper in the future. For now, love to their friends and families, and my eternal gratitude for their poems and friendship.