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FREE LSD (2017) Edition of 30. 11 x 14″ Drew Matott & Kyle Schlesinger   Free LSD is a collaboration between Peace Paper Projects and Cuneiform Press. The artists shredded and pulped American military uniforms to make thirty unique sheets of handmade paper. The wood type, from the renown Rob Roy Kelly Collection, was set […]


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Yesterday I had the pleasure of printing up some posters with Adam Torres for his performance at the Cactus Cafe in Austin on February 25. It was typeset in Hobo and designed by Land. Photographs and photopolymer don’t always agree, especially if there’s a large surface area and low-contrast halftones. Max Koch and I prepared the […]


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  A People’s Curriculum for the United States is a public poster project written, printed, and distributed by the people and for the people. A People’s Curriculum for the United States asks what America needs to (re)learn under the Trump Administration. What’s missing from the American Curriculum under this regime? Peace? Civil Rights? Close Listening? […]


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Well, this might be the ‘dumbest’ thing I’ve ever dumb, er, done. As part of Cuneiform Press’ Music Series, we’ve been printing and designing concert posters. This one was for a punk house show. Punk? I’ve done posters for folk, country, classical, avant-garde, and rock and roll, but punk presented a new aesthetic challenge. Typically, […]


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Don’t miss out on your chance to get the first concert poster printed and designed at Cuneiform Press! The “Chien Chateau” (aka Dog House) poster was printed to commemorate performances by Justin Fallen, Longriver, and Travis Champ. Edition limited to 100 copies. Printed in six colors (the metallics and fluorescents don’t really reproduce online, but take […]